Online Learning Module: Feedforward


E-Learning Module: Feedforward
Powerpoint, Adobe Presenter

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Interactive Quiz with Review Mode

Online Quiz

eLearning: Online quiz with review mode

Interactive quiz with review mode and audio (Flash)

Online Neurology Course

Neurology course screenshot

Online Course: Neurology of Pain

Neurology of Pain online course materials developed for Topmed
(Flash, FLV Video)

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Interactive Course Module

eLearning Example

Interactive eLearning for online Hospital Billing and Coding course

(Powerpoint + Articulate Engage)

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Online Writing Course

English course screenshot

Online Course Design/Development

Online English writing course: design and development
(Powerpoint, Adobe Presenter)

Interactive Drag n’ Drop Learning Exercise

Flash Drag n' Drop exercise

Drag n' Drop Online Learning Exercise

Customizable Flash/XML-based online learning exercise. Can be used for a variety of different online lessons.

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Nerves of the Brain

Cranial nerves

Cranial Nerves

Instructional diagram for anatomy and physiology course